Your world in 140 characters…

Not long after Facebook hit the web and changed the way we interact with our peers online, Jack Dorsey launched his Twitter service. The idea was simple – set up a free profile, “follow” people (and get them to follow you), and you have 140 characters to say things to your followers.

Simple? Yes. Powerful? Very.

The Twitter service is essentially a status update tool, much like the Facebook status we all use. But despite this being simple, Twitter is ranked 3rd in popularity out of social media websites.

Unsurprisingly, businesses were quick to capitalise. With the ability to essentially send an SMS message to all your followers, consumers can be notified of new products, services or general news quickly and easily. What Twitter lacks in features it makes up for in speed and simplicity – perfect for businesses who may not have the time or inclination to constantly interact with followers.