Pinterest was fastened to the interweb corkboard in early 2010. With a glut of photo-sharing websites across the Internet, Pinterest offered a slightly different idea – users “pin” photos from other websites onto a “pinboard” on their personal profile, and this allows followers to view them.

These pinboards are user-defined. Users can title them as they see fit, and unless websites choose to block “pinning”, essentially any image on the web can be pinned.

Despite the apparent innocence of this concept, many sites, most notably Facebook, have opted to block pinning. iStock have also moved towards blocking over concerns of copyright infringement . The concern being that pinned images are viewable on Pinterest by search engines and web users, basically copying images from one website to another without permission or control being controlled by the copyright owners.

How to block images from being pinned onto Pinterest

If you wish to block Pinterest users from pinning images from your website, a simple line of meta code needs to be added:

Pinterest No Pin Meta Code

This code needs to be added to the “head” section of the HTML code on a webpage. This way, protection can be added on a page-by-page basis.