When Mark Zuckerberg came up with the idea of Facebook in the early 2000’s (which began life as “Facemash”), he probably didn’t expect it to grow into the global brand that it is today.

From the early days of only accepting Harvard undergrads to worldwide membership exceeding 800,000,000 users, Facebook is the most popular social networking and media tool on the web today. Users aged 13 and upwards log in daily from hundreds of countries across the globe. Users become friends with a simple click, news is circulated in seconds and businesses connect directly with customers and consumers in a personal way that leaflets and billboard ads simply can’t.

From an SEO perspective, Facebook is an essential weapon in your marketing arsenal. Google, Bing and Yahoo actively seek to prioritise Facebook profiles in their search results. Businesses find it highly cost-effective (it’s free for most SME’s) and quick to inform the public of new products, services and discounts.

Businesses big and small can all benefit from a Facebook presence. Even a basic business page allows the public to interact in a more personal way than a generic website does.