I’m easy to contact if you know where to look! Despite the fact that I’m not entirely happy about broadcasting my phone number and personal e-mail to the world at large, there are ways to contact me and grab my attention.

So, how can you contact me?

My Professional Networking Profiles – pretty much every profile offers the option to contact me, though you’ll probably need to be a member of some of the websites first!

My Personal Networking Profiles – my personal profiles offer a chance to contact me directly. Please remember that since they’re personal, I can be a bit guarded about who can “friend” me – it helps if I either already know you, or you’re already connected to me through a professional profile first!

Who would I like to hear from?

Despite being cautious regarding who can contact me, don’t let this put you off – I’m approachable and friendly, honest! So, I’m always happy to hear from:

  • Fellow marketers, both online and offline. I love sharing my thoughts and opinions about online marketing, and also love to hear everyone else’s.
  • Anyone curious about me, my work, or search marketing.
  • Recruiters (in-house or agencies). I’m always open to new leads, and even if roles are not suitable for me personally, I might be able to recommend someone!
  • Potential business contacts – not only does this open opportunities for discussion, further networking and the chance to work together, but I enjoy meeting professionals, whether online or face-to-face.
  • Past acquaintances, colleagues and schoolfriends. I’m slightly forgetful and sometimes misplace contact details or lose touch!

Who do I NOT want to hear from?

Although I’m a keen networker who is keen to hear from professionals, acquaintances and potential business partners, I’m not the kind of person to get in contact with just anyone. So, I do not want to hear from:

  • Anyone offering SEO, PPC or social media marketing services (free or for a price) – I actually work in this area, so should I want to avail myself of your products or services, I’ll find you.
  • Businesses or individuals selling anything – I’ll find you myself if I need you.
  • Anyone wishing to buy or sell links – this is black-hat SEO, so don’t ask.
  • Anyone who thinks they can get under my radar with “phishing“. I’m fully aware of the many techniques used, and none have worked on me. In fact, I do have a habit of publishing not only details of the actual attempt, and also contact details of the sender on my blogs & networking profiles. So, unless you like the idea of being “named and shamed”, don’t phish for my details.
  • Spammers – e-mails will be deleted without being read, and any spam comments placed on the pages of this blog will simply be deleted.