I’m an SEO and Social Media Marketer. Since February 2007 I’ve had the benefit of working in both client-side and agency-side positions, planning, managing and evaluating a number of highly successful SEO campaigns, not only increasing the online profile of clients and employers, but providing measurable ROI and tangible results, all of which translate into conversions and acquisitions.

Some examples of keywords I’ve successfully targeted in SEO campaigns include:

  • sat nav” – position #1 in Google UK for over 18 months (also associated phrases “satnav“, “sat-nav” and “best sat nav“).
  • best credit cards” – results page 1 in Google UK, consistently above the fold.
  • Tesco petrol stations” – #1 in Google UK, above Tesco themselves.
  • car reviews” – #1 in Google UK. Consistent listing on results page 1, competing with Top Gear, AutoCar, Auto Express etc.
  • Herbalife” – #1 in Google UK for a Herbalife re-seller, ultimately ranking higher than any official Herbalife website.

My SEO experience encompasses on and off-site techniques, including online PR, copywriting, link-building and site architecture. Suffice it to say that all my SEO projects employ purely “white-hat” techniques, not only because search engines are constantly improving their monitoring, but because clients and employers expect their projects to be ethical, successful and a positive representation of their company.

I’ve also planned and managed social media campaigns. This includes using requisite sites like Facebook and Twitter, but also thinking “out of the box” in order to directly engage current and potential customers on behalf of employers and clients. This not only generates interest in products, but presents a friendly, approachable image of the company, something that organisations sometimes forget.

In addition to working on SEO and social media, I’ve also worked and assisted on PPC campaigns. Personally, I’ve always considered that any successful online marketing campaign must incorporate elements of SEO, PPC and SMM to achieve optimum success and minimise costs.

As someone who thoroughly enjoys search marketing and the constant opportunities to gain new skills and experience, I’m a true digital enthusiast. Search marketing has the mistaken reputation amongst some in the business world as a kind of mysterious and unethical “fad” with a limited lifespan. I’m confident that my success and ongoing professional development within SEO is proof-positive that this is not the case.

Thanks again for your time, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.