I’m not entirely convinced that anyone who works in social media can get away without having personal social media profiles. So, here are mine:


My Facebook page is Facebook.com/tomhindley1983. Sometimes I’ll post about SEO, but most of the time it’s general rants, moans and drivel. I’m quite guarded about who has access to what info, but you can still subscribe to my RSS feed if you like!


I use my Foursquare profile not only as a fun personal profile, but also to look at the local SEO and social media opportunities it offers businesses and individuals.


YouTube is easily my favourite video website. I often upload videos of the family pets (and subscribe to other similar vids), but I also subscribe to SEO related videos by industry luminaries like Peter Young, David Naylor, Matt Cutts etc.


As an occasional amateur photographer, I’ve set up an account on Panoramio. Photos I’ve submitted with GeoTags have been featured in Google Earth for the whole world to see.


I was quick to join Pinterest (with the help of Carla Marshall who sent me an invite). My profile is still under construction, but over time should become interesting! My profile will also help me understand the SEO impact and potential of a profile on this site.

My Personal Blog

I have a personal blog on Opera – The View From The Phunny Pharm. This is basically a personal rant blog – sometimes I post about SEO, but mostly it’s personal opinions on everything, anything and nothing.